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I’m so glad you arrived at this page, because you’re in for a treat – an introduction to a most sure-fire way of spiritual success

Through the link above, you will get completely FREE, incredible, inspirational advice for how to achieve spiritual success
What This Book Will Show You:

Whatever your spiritual path in life, whoever your favourite authors and thinkers are, the information in this FREE eBook will only help you reach your goals of personal and spiritual transformation and growth. 

I’ve put together this straightforward, compact, easy-to-follow book that will tell you exactly what you need for spiritual success.

3 Main Ways This Guide Will Help You:

  • It will help you tune into, define and redefine your ideas and goals for success in the area of spirituality
  • It will show you a robust, practical, rational approach to spirituality that you can use and adapt for whatever your personal transformation goals are
  • It will discuss how I also used this approach to achieve my own success in terms of personal transformation and higher consciousness
Armed with this absolutely needful information, you’ll never be lost on the spiritual path and you will always be geared for spiritual success!
About Anton Jarrod

Anton Jarrod is a writer, researcher and thinker specializing in the subject of consciousness. He is particularly interested in higher consciousness, modern spirituality and spiritual development. He writes from a non-religious, non-physicalist perspective and worldview.

His academic background is in the humanities and social sciences, with degrees from UCL and LSE in London. He started a PhD in Sociology at the University of Cambridge in 2018, researching contemporary spirituality, unemployment and well-being.
Ideas from the book for you to explore further...

  • Spiritual success means knowing where I am in relation to the achievement of higher consciousness, and knowing how to achieve it
  • Your first milestone is also the same as being your first test or experiment for achieving spiritual success
  • Something often overlooked in many areas of life is ‘resistance’ and it is one of the key challenges to achieving any kind of success 
  • I was able to overcome many barriers from pure circumstance and the past to become a much more happy, contented, calm and peaceful human being, with a clear and profound sense of life purpose and direction
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